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Guest Information

New River Baptist Church Sanctuary

It is our prayer and desire at New River Baptist Church that each person that comes to our church for the first time or for many times feels welcomed and loved. We call ourselves a “country church to call home”, and it is with that kind of hospitality in mind that we welcome you to our services. We pray that each guest leaves with a sense of having entered a time of meaningful worship and friendly fellowship.

We are an informal group of people who recognize that we are family made up of members, regular attendees, and guests who gather to worship the Lord and serve others. We laugh, have fun, fellowship with each other, but never forget that the reason we are together is to worship the Lord. We are also informal in our dress, with most people coming in casual attire. We welcome those with jacket and tie or those in blue jeans and shirt alike.

Typically, our services last about an hour to an hour and ten minutes. Musically we have what you would call a blended service with hymn singing and some contemporary specials. Pastor Terry often plays guitar in accompaniment with the piano. We have Children’s Church for those under twelve years of age in another building the same time as our worship service. We also have a nursery.

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